Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The many faces of Mallory

the soccer player/gymnast

 the princess

the birthday girl

the photographer

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Monday, August 27, 2012

And, they're off!

Day one - both boys were up with plenty of time to get dressed and have breakfast before school today.  Thankfully, I didn't get any complaints from Drew about his clothes/socks/shoes.  He did tell me he wasn't feeling great, and I let him know there was NO way he was staying home from school on the first day. lol  His response, "But, I'll go tomorrow!"  Not good enough, buddy :)

School Rules - Mari Koegelenberg

They both reported having a good day and playing with their old friends at recess.  Drew did say he got really bored, that was all he offered up about his day. Oh, and that the half peanut butter sandwich I sent in his lunch was acceptable.  A step up from ritz cheese and crackers, I think! Brady learned a lot about his teacher/classroom and was enthusiastic about it all.  So far, so good :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's almost here...

the first day of school, that is!  Brady will be starting 3rd grade, while Drew will be in 1st grade.  Drew did not get the teacher that Brady had in 1st grade, which I think is a good thing.  I was disappointed to see that none of his buddies from last year are in his class, but we went to meet the teacher on Friday, and he did see some familiar faces.  Brady was excited to find out he got the teacher he was hoping for! He will actually have two teachers - one for language arts, and one for math, science, and social studies.  None of his good friends from last year are in his class either, but by now he knows most everyone in his grade, so he's not worried :)  I think the hardest part of going back will be for Drew to get back in the routine.  He will be exhausted by the end of the school day, so it will take some time for him to get used to it.

I've put some things together for Monday - a few teacher gifts, plus "signs" for the boys to hold while taking their first-day-of-school pics.

I found these pails, note cards, and sticky notes
in the dollar bin at Target back in May.  I threw in some
hand soap and called it done! 

The note says - "Looking forward
to a "fruit"ful year in your classroom!" 

Brady has the only male teacher in the school,
so I had to come up with a little something different
for him :)  He is getting this note with a few
lottery tickets attached.

The boys have told me that I do not need to walk them in on the first day.  I was expecting that from Brady, but was a little surprised to hear it from Drew. Brady was reassuring Drew that he would walk him to his room, but Drew was pretty adamant that he can do it on his own.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Olympics Week

Mallory and Drew have been taking a combo class this summer at a local gymnastics place - 30 minutes of soccer skills, then 30 minutes of gymnastics.  This week was the last class, which means the parents are allowed on the floor to take pictures, and the kids get a medal at the end of class.   I didn't feel the need to take any soccer pics - plenty of those from last fall/spring.  I did take a few of gymnastics -

So cute how she sticks her tongue out to concentrate!

Of course, Drew doesn't need any help!

Mallory refused to go down this slide for the longest time...
no idea why. Last week she finally agreed to go down, as
long as Coach Beth caught her.

On the "podium" after accepting her medal :)

Mallory was pretty excited about getting her medal and has worn it around the house quite a bit.  Yesterday, I had to tell her I thought it would be a good idea to NOT wear it while sitting on the toilet. lol

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mallory's birthday... again

You should expect several more posts related to Mallory's birthday, considering I'm working on several layouts and her party is next weekend :)  Today's post is to share a few pics from yesterday - Grandma & Grandpa Farris came to celebrate her birthday with her since they won't be at her party.  They took her to Chuck E Cheese, out to lunch, and then let her open her presents.  She was excited to get her own nintendo ds, along with a Dora game.  She played it until it died and had to be charged - she wanted to play it while it was plugged in, to which I said no. lol

She offered me one smile, but the pic looked awful (I think
she was blinking when I took it). Then, this is what I could get -

Are you still there?? Leave already!

I finished up this layout last night -
Happy Gallop Birthday - Jady Day Studio
Cindy Schneider - template set 117

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mallory's birthday

I already have 5 layouts planned for pics from Mallory's birthday :)  Here is the first, with pics from our trip to the pool that morning -

Heatwave - Kristin Cronin-Barrow
template by Nettio designs

 Mallory was allowed to use our waterproof camera 
and took a lot of pics like this -

Time for presents... finally! I let her open one after
we came home from the pool, but the rest had
to wait until Daddy came home from work.

Just what I wanted - a unicorn dreamlite!!

If you've ever seen the commercial, you can
appreciate how small these things are compared
to how big they look on t.v.  Not that she cares...

A gift from Uncle Marc and family

We had to light the candles three times! The first time, she
blew them out immediately.  The second time, she blew
them out as soon as we started singing.  The third time,
she waited until the appropriate time. lol  Note to self -
remind her again before her party when to blow out the candles!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Me & Mallory

Mallory and I spent some time together last week without her brothers.  On Monday, they went to a day camp at Moody Gardens.  A friend whose children were also attending dropped them off in the morning.  It was my job to pick them up.  Unfortunately, I somehow got it in my head that camp was over at 3:00 p.m. when it was really over at 5!  Better two hours early than two hours late, I guess...  Since Mallory and I had two hours to kill, I bought her an ice cream treat, and then we headed over to the Aquarium pyramid to look around.


Shark tank - kids always find it necessary to
pretend they are trapped inside. lol

Thank goodness for these stamping stations!  She was literally
ready to go 20 minutes into our visit until she discovered these
stamps.  We found a random flyer to stamp on, then figured out
where to get the "passport" that was actually meant for the stamps...
and did them all over again.

This past Saturday, Bryan had tickets to a baseball game and took the boys along with him.  Mallory has been asking to go back to Palm Beach, so I decided it would be a good time to take her.  Karen and her girls ended up deciding to go with us.  It was much more crowded than I expected, but it did thin out a bit as the night went on.  Regardless, the girls had lots of fun, and Mallory wasn't ready to leave when it was time (just as I would expect!).

Silly girl :)  

Fun in the sand

NO!!! You cannot take my picture!!

One smile.... and that's it!

Mallory fell asleep in the car on the way home.  She woke up enough
to walk herself from the car to her room, but this is how I found her
after I went into the bathroom to turn on the shower.  It was almost
11 p.m., so it's not too surprising.

Mallory has a big week coming up! Tomorrow is her best friend's birthday - we are going to her princess party in the afternoon.  Then, Thursday is her own birthday :)  So far, our plans are to get doughnuts in the morning and go to the pool.  She wants to go to Jason's deli for dinner (free ice cream), but she's certainly been known to change her mind, so we'll see if she sticks to that.