Monday, August 27, 2012

And, they're off!

Day one - both boys were up with plenty of time to get dressed and have breakfast before school today.  Thankfully, I didn't get any complaints from Drew about his clothes/socks/shoes.  He did tell me he wasn't feeling great, and I let him know there was NO way he was staying home from school on the first day. lol  His response, "But, I'll go tomorrow!"  Not good enough, buddy :)

School Rules - Mari Koegelenberg

They both reported having a good day and playing with their old friends at recess.  Drew did say he got really bored, that was all he offered up about his day. Oh, and that the half peanut butter sandwich I sent in his lunch was acceptable.  A step up from ritz cheese and crackers, I think! Brady learned a lot about his teacher/classroom and was enthusiastic about it all.  So far, so good :)

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