Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mallory's birthday

I already have 5 layouts planned for pics from Mallory's birthday :)  Here is the first, with pics from our trip to the pool that morning -

Heatwave - Kristin Cronin-Barrow
template by Nettio designs

 Mallory was allowed to use our waterproof camera 
and took a lot of pics like this -

Time for presents... finally! I let her open one after
we came home from the pool, but the rest had
to wait until Daddy came home from work.

Just what I wanted - a unicorn dreamlite!!

If you've ever seen the commercial, you can
appreciate how small these things are compared
to how big they look on t.v.  Not that she cares...

A gift from Uncle Marc and family

We had to light the candles three times! The first time, she
blew them out immediately.  The second time, she blew
them out as soon as we started singing.  The third time,
she waited until the appropriate time. lol  Note to self -
remind her again before her party when to blow out the candles!


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