Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Me & Mallory

Mallory and I spent some time together last week without her brothers.  On Monday, they went to a day camp at Moody Gardens.  A friend whose children were also attending dropped them off in the morning.  It was my job to pick them up.  Unfortunately, I somehow got it in my head that camp was over at 3:00 p.m. when it was really over at 5!  Better two hours early than two hours late, I guess...  Since Mallory and I had two hours to kill, I bought her an ice cream treat, and then we headed over to the Aquarium pyramid to look around.


Shark tank - kids always find it necessary to
pretend they are trapped inside. lol

Thank goodness for these stamping stations!  She was literally
ready to go 20 minutes into our visit until she discovered these
stamps.  We found a random flyer to stamp on, then figured out
where to get the "passport" that was actually meant for the stamps...
and did them all over again.

This past Saturday, Bryan had tickets to a baseball game and took the boys along with him.  Mallory has been asking to go back to Palm Beach, so I decided it would be a good time to take her.  Karen and her girls ended up deciding to go with us.  It was much more crowded than I expected, but it did thin out a bit as the night went on.  Regardless, the girls had lots of fun, and Mallory wasn't ready to leave when it was time (just as I would expect!).

Silly girl :)  

Fun in the sand

NO!!! You cannot take my picture!!

One smile.... and that's it!

Mallory fell asleep in the car on the way home.  She woke up enough
to walk herself from the car to her room, but this is how I found her
after I went into the bathroom to turn on the shower.  It was almost
11 p.m., so it's not too surprising.

Mallory has a big week coming up! Tomorrow is her best friend's birthday - we are going to her princess party in the afternoon.  Then, Thursday is her own birthday :)  So far, our plans are to get doughnuts in the morning and go to the pool.  She wants to go to Jason's deli for dinner (free ice cream), but she's certainly been known to change her mind, so we'll see if she sticks to that.

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