Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My own summer games

Huh, not sure how I went over a week without posting??  I was in San Antonio for two days with the kids and my mom, maybe that was part of it.  The kiddos were pretty good while we were gone, although Mallory was her usual self.  She could definitely have been worse, though!  Regardless, I think my mom was ready for me to take her home. lol  She didn't say that... I'm just guessing.

I've really been looking forward to participating in the summer games at the Sweet Shoppe, my scrap home in digiland.  They are giving away some insane prizes, somewhere around $6000 total if I remember correctly!  There are six categories to participate in, and the first individual event is boxing.  Here is my layout -

credits here

For this event, the requirements were to make each corner (a 6x6 square) its own layout, but to also have the four corners be a part of the whole.  There had to be a punch of color (mine is pink) in one corner not found elsewhere on the page.  Also, there needed to be at least one "punch out" or cut out, which are the two circles under the frames.  While I am happy with the way my page turned out (esp. since I didn't use a template), I have no expectations of being one of the best.  There are some total rockstars in the Sweet Shoppe community, which is one of the reasons I love it so much! 

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