Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Olympics Week

Mallory and Drew have been taking a combo class this summer at a local gymnastics place - 30 minutes of soccer skills, then 30 minutes of gymnastics.  This week was the last class, which means the parents are allowed on the floor to take pictures, and the kids get a medal at the end of class.   I didn't feel the need to take any soccer pics - plenty of those from last fall/spring.  I did take a few of gymnastics -

So cute how she sticks her tongue out to concentrate!

Of course, Drew doesn't need any help!

Mallory refused to go down this slide for the longest time...
no idea why. Last week she finally agreed to go down, as
long as Coach Beth caught her.

On the "podium" after accepting her medal :)

Mallory was pretty excited about getting her medal and has worn it around the house quite a bit.  Yesterday, I had to tell her I thought it would be a good idea to NOT wear it while sitting on the toilet. lol

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