Friday, August 10, 2012

Sleepover at Grandma's

I met Mary for lunch yesterday, to drop the kids off for their two day sleepover.  Everyone was excited, myself included!  I talked to the kids briefly on the phone yesterday, and Mary sent me some pics today.  They went swimming, went to a bounce house, and went out for frozen yogurt - at least, that's what I've heard about so far :)

In their absence, I have done one of everything. lol  I went to exercise twice, ran many errands, got my hair cut, scrapped, and also went to the movies twice with Bryan.  What I have not done is a lick of housework.

Here are two more layouts I recently finished -

Birthday Girl is for the gymnastics challenge at the Sweet Shoppe.  You had to choose one category to compete in, I chose uneven bars which means my layout should have asymmetry to it.  Probably the more challenging requirement was that every element (ribbon, flower, frame, leaf, etc) had to be repeated at least once, including photos.  This picture of Mallory plus the one of her with the boa were taken by Karen at Paisley Petals Photography.

Got cake? is for the archery challenge.  I did this one from scratch (as opposed to using a template as I normally would) since there were some pretty specific requirements.  There had to three pictures only, centered on your layout.  Also, you had to pick a shape and stack it, as circles are stacked on a target.  Three arrows (or something similar in shape) had to be included, and the embellishments needed to be concentrated in the center and taper out as you head toward to edge of the layout.  These pictures are the daughter of a friend of mine and were taken by Ashleigh Davis Photography.

All other credits can be found in my gallery here.

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