Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer games, con't

My entry for the diving category -
to see the credits and read the journaling go here

I am very proud of this layout, mostly because this is what I started with -

To enter the diving competition, you had to choose at least 4 of these categories -
  • Forward - Arrows! You must use at least 5 different arrows on your layout
  • Back - All of your photos must be “tucked” in the back of your papers, an element cluster does not count!
  • Reverse - Mirror your photos and text from one side of your layout to the other.
  • Inward - Use a frame to frame something other than a photo two times on your layout
  • Twisting - Use no less than 3 different curled or twisted ribbons
  • Armstand - At least 3 things must be “visibly” upside down on the layout

I chose forward, inward, twisting, and armstand.  I also did some back and reverse, but not enough to qualify with those because you had to do it with ALL the photos, and I wasn't willing to give up the big picture of Mallory :)

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