Sunday, September 9, 2012

Go Owls!

Today was the first game of the baseball season for both Brady and Drew - they are both Rice Owls.  We only have two weekends where their games are at the same time, and (of course) today was one of them.  Bryan is one of the coaches for Brady's team, so he was there.  I walked back and forth and was able to catch both times they were at bat.  Thankfully, I know some of the parents on Brady's team, so I was able to leave Mallory there and she pretty much played on her ds in the stands the whole time.   I took a bunch of pics but decided to just showcase Drew today, since you've seen plenty of baseball pics of Brady in the past.

In t-ball, the kids get three pitches from the coach, then
they are allowed to hit off the tee...

Love the concentration on his face!

I was impressed by how well he paid attention and that
he ran hard from base to base.

Coming home!

In the 2nd inning, he volunteered to be catcher.

He made some effort to catch the ball :)

It's hard to get a good shot of them batting, between the fence
and the coaches standing in the way!

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