Friday, September 21, 2012

Hanging Out

Monday afternoon the doorbell rang - Brady went to see who it was and told me, "Oh, it's just my friend Kendan." I was surprised for two reasons: 1. I've never heard of anyone named Kendan 2. no one has ever come to the door looking for Brady (unless I was expecting them!).  Apparently, they are in the same class and realized that they live on the same street. So, Kendan was coming to ask Brady to play.  They also went across the street and asked if Andrew wanted to play.  I DO know him - he's on Brady's baseball team and has been a couple times in the past as well.  I was actually happy to find out they would be in the same class this year because I was hoping they would become better friends :)

Brady and Andrew have played together every day this week.  We even took him to the park with us on Wednesday (the kids had the day off from school).  More good news for me is they tolerate having Drew around. lol

The boys must have spent a good 30 minutes (at least)
balancing on the teeter-totter... apparently it was great fun!

Mallory was happy to have a playdate with Kate :)
Big sister Brooke still had school - she's in a different district than us.

Building a castle of rocks

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