Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mallory's a hippo

Yesterday was Mallory's first day back to school.  She was really looking forward to going back and starting her new year in the hippo class.  She has one of Brady's teachers from four years ago, and I was quick to tell her that Mallory and Brady are nothing alike :)

Mallory was upset with me that I took her brothers to school earlier than her - of course, her school starts an hour later, but I could tell her that until I'm blue in the face and it wouldn't make a bit of difference!  She wasn't thrilled over the outfit I chose but put it on without too much complaint and actually cooperated so I could take a few pics.

scraplift of this layout 
School Days - Zoe Pearn
Color spectrum alpha - Julie Billingsley
Paint wash - Julie Billingsley
greenery from Aloha Sunshine - KCB
Blissful stitches - Traci Reed

She told me she had a good day when I picked her up. On the way home, she explained to me how she and her classmates can earn tickets for good behavior, and then use those tickets to buy things.  For example, she earned 10 tickets for having a good day yesterday.  Then this morning, she decided to use those tickets to buy a "job" for herself today - I'm drawing a blank at the moment on what that job was, but I know that tomorrow she is planning on choosing "lights" which will allow her to have the privilege of turning the lights off and back on when they leave/return to the classroom :)

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