Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Photography 101

I'm taking my first photography class :)  I promised myself when I bought a new camera this year that I would learn how to use it!  We're on week 2 of 6 lessons - it's online but there is a forum where you can ask questions and a gallery to post any pictures you take so you can get feedback on them if you like.  The forum for me is very important because I know I will have questions, and I don't hesitate to ask them! Might as well get my money's worth, lol.

I'll likely come back and post pics from the first lesson, but today I'm going to share pics I took for lesson 2 while everything is still fresh in my mind! That way, I can refer back to this post if necessary.  One of the main points of this lesson is learning about aperture and how to get a blurry background.  I bribed Mallory with a sucker and was able to get a few pics out of her this evening :)

All these are taken in AV mode - I let the camera set the shutter speed and ISO, all I did was fiddle with the aperture.

Adding some space between my focal point and the 
background gave me some blur

Here I upped the aperture to f/14 - gives a wider depth of field 

my favorite pic - I love this outfit!

I came back inside after taking pics of Mallory and reread my notes.
I realized that zooming in as far as my lens would allow would give me
more blur.  I also made sure I was close to my subject, and that there
was distance between the subject and the background.

This pic was taken with the same aperture as the one above - f/5.6.
The differences are that I'm farther away from my focal point, and I
didn't zoom in with my lens as closely.

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