Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rain out

It actually didn't rain here as much as I expected yesterday, but apparently it was enough for our baseball games to get cancelled today.  Brady spent the afternoon out in the neighborhood with his friends, while Drew and Mallory lounged around the house in their pajamas.  I wore jeans for the first time in... forever.  I bought a pumpkin at the store today and have almost all of my "fall" decor out in the house.  The pumpkins are coming this week to the church where Mallory goes to school - I always look forward to taking the kids there and getting a few pics.  I definitely feel like I'm missing out on fall activities living in Texas, esp. when I visit the gallery at the Sweet Shoppe and I see layouts of kids playing in the leaves, picking apples, visiting a real pumpkin patch, etc.  I bought a fall kit that I love, and I need some pictures to scrap!

I did this layout for a scraplift challenge, and my plan is to replace the pics with current ones once I have them :)

One thing the kids have been able to do with the cooler weather is get outside more.  Brady finally has more interest in his bike now that he is running around the neighborhood with his friends.  We took the kids over the school last weekend, looking for a good place to ride.  Riding around on the sidewalks in the neighborhood really isn't ideal, and I definitely can't keep up with everyone on my own that way.

Taking her baby for a ride

Love the blur on the background and movement 
of the wheels. That was totally on purpose... not. lol

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