Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Carving pumpkins

Bryan was home earlier in the afternoon than usual, so we took advantage of that and carved our pumpkins yesterday.  Each of the kids picked out two pumpkins at the patch several weeks ago.  Brady and Drew decided to carve their larger ones.  Mallory decided to paint faces on two small pumpkins.  Then, once she saw the carving tools, she also decided she needed to carve one.

She knew just what she wanted and drew the faces for me on a piece of paper - one smiley face, one sad face. I copied the faces with a sharpie and let her paint without my direction. 

Her request for this pumpkin was a scary face.  Bryan sketched
something out for her on paper and she approved. lol

As you can see from her face, she wasn't thrilled
over this part... 

Just like last year, Drew was very specific about what he wanted for his pumpkin.  I was showing him examples on my phone, but eventually I realized he already had his mind made up.  His choice was a skull and crossbones.... no idea why or even where he came up with that idea!

He did not touch the pumpkin guts at all... just poked inside
briefly with his spoon.

I was helping him carve, so no pic of that!  I think we did a pretty
good job.

Brady looked around online a bit and found a pattern he was happy with for his pumpkin - a tombstone.  He did his best to clean out his pumpkin - certainly not his favorite job, but at least he was willing to do it this year!  Bryan traced the pattern for him, and we let him carve on his own.  We did help him some at the end - the particular picture he went with wasn't the easiest for a beginner carver.

Hopefully, I will be back tomorrow with some pics of our jack-o-lanterns at night!

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