Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween :) I love that my kids still humor me and let me have a say in what they will be... I know this will not last forever!  Of course, I'm totally biased, but I thought they all looked awesome in their costumes tonight.

Karen and family went trick-or-treating with us, and so did one of Brady's good friends that lives across the street.  We made it a few houses down the street before Mallory tripped on the driveway and busted her lip.  Bryan ran home to get some tissues, while she cried (and bleed) on my shoulder.  After a few minutes, she was good to go.  Nothing a little candy can't fix!  We made the block, and after about an hour, Mallory's pumpkin pail was full of candy.   She was ready to go home.  We headed back before everyone else, but we were probably only home ten minutes before everyone else called it quits.

They dumped all their candy on the floor and immediately asked how many they could have - they know how this works :p  They made their selections and tore through those in a few minutes.  As you can see, they had plenty to choose from!

On a side note, here are a couple jack-o-lantern pics I took last night.. 

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