Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy the hippo

Mallory's class has a "pet" hippo named Happy.  All the kids get a turn taking him home and recording their adventures with him in a journal.  Mallory got to bring him home today - she was the first one in the class :)  Ms. Melanie sent home the most recent journal and also included Brady's journal entry from four years ago.  Both Mallory and Brady thought it was pretty neat to look at the pictures.

Brady and Drew with Happy (2008)

The new and improved Happy, lol.
I guess he can only take so much wear and tear
from four and five year olds!

Happy's favorite food is blueberry muffins!


Time to get ready for bed - got to change into pj's
and brush our teeth

Mallory says this is Happy's favorite bedtime story

She is looking forward to taking him out to eat for Brady's birthday and with her to a sleepover at Grandma's house this weekend... fun times ahead!

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