Friday, November 30, 2012

Disneyworld, day 5

Today was our last day at the Magic Kingdom.  It was significantly more crowded than when we first arrived, but Disney really knows how to do things right - I think the longest we waited for anything was about half an hour.  The only new ride on the agenda was Splash Mountain.  Scott brought raincoats for the kids, and Grandpa volunteered to ride with them.  The first shift was Grandpa, Hannah, Drew, and Luke.  Later in the day, he went back and rode with Brady and Rachel.

The kids were excited to meet Peter Pan :)

Once we got the photopass, they were always scheming
what to do for the photo...

Sportin' her new ears

Our first time to see the park at night...

The only disappointment for me was not getting to see the fireworks from Main Street.  We watched them from another area of the park, which was certainly better than not seeing them at all.  When we got back to the park this evening, people were already lined up on Main Street at 7 p.m. for the 9 p.m. parade. So, we opted to go to a different area and watch the parade from there.  We could have made our way to the front after that for the fireworks but we opted to do one more ride instead... seemed like a good decision considering how crowded we knew it would be.  Just something on my list for next time!

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