Friday, December 14, 2012

Cookies and Christmas Trees

Earlier this week, I took the boys to Barnes & Nobles for the Bauerschlag book fair.  They each participated in the program - Drew read a "how-to" book he had written and his letter to Santa and Brady had a part in the 3rd grade reader's theater.  Mallory opted to stay home with Daddy, and I suggested they make cookies.

The following day was Mallory's Christmas party at school.  The parents basically stood around and watched the kids eat pizza and made a special treat - a christmas tree.  You start with an ice cream cone, frost it with green icing, then add "ornaments"... in this case, they used m&m's.

Hey look, a telescope!

There wasn't much to the party, but Mallory appreciated that I was there :) I asked if she wanted to come home with me afterwards, but she decided she would rather finish the rest of her school day.

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