Sunday, December 2, 2012

Disneyworld, day 6

Today was our first day at Hollywood Studios.  We started the day at Aerosmith's Rock n' Rollercoaster.  Unfortunately, Bryan wasn't feeling well, so he passed on riding it.  Drew was bummed to have to miss out on it, too, because he didn't meet the height requirement.  I didn't talk it up too much, but I thought it was great :) I felt bad that Bryan didn't get to ride since it was new to both of us.

 Indiana Jones Stunt Show

We had lunch at a fun place - the Sci-Fi Drive-in theater.
We sat in two cars that held six people each and watched some
movie clips while eating.  And no, I didn't take this picture! lol

Luke and Rachel were pumped about riding the Tower 
of Terror.  The adults... not so much.  Mallory wanted to ride
it, but I said no - I didn't see any way that she would like it!

The big ride today that everyone could enjoy was Toy Story Mania.  Holly got fast passes when we first got to the park, and we couldn't use them until 2:30 in the afternoon... that's how popular the ride is!  It was definitely busy today, and we ended up leaving mid afternoon to head back to the hotel.  Bryan went straight to sleep.  Scott and Grandpa took most of the kids back to the park later in the day.  I stayed behind and took Mallory and Drew to the arcade to entertain them.  They weren't missing out rides they could actually do, but I knew they would still be disappointed to be left behind.

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