Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's December!

By Monday of last week, I was already tired of hearing about how most of Brady's friends already had their elves... When is ours coming? they kept asking.  I told them that maybe he was waiting for December 1 or possibly Santa was waiting for our letters before he sent Jingles.  So, last Wednesday, the kids sat down and wrote their letters.  I was out that evening, so the task was left to Bryan.

None of the things on Brady's list were a surprise,
but I was surprised by how many he included!

Mallory could only remember two things she
wanted and wasn't very happy that Bryan couldn't 
help her out! lol  We added on the next day :)

I think Drew got tired of writing because he left
the "biggest" thing off his list... he made sure I
added it on later, though.

After mailing their letters, Jingles arrived and
brought this letter from Santa -

He stole my lipstick and wrote a note on the mirror

Another morning, he was trapped in the dinosaur's mouth

This past weekend I took a break from Disney pictures,
and we finished decorating the house...

The boys' tree - I offered no assistance

Mallory wasn't thrilled when she saw her
tree still had the ornaments on it from last year -
she did add the Dora ones, though.

The kids all did a pretty good job of decorating the big tree this year - I only had to move 5 or so ornaments Mallory had hung on the very lowest branches on the back side of the tree.  Of course, I let them take the ornaments out of their boxes/packaging and that was a big mess... lesson learned!

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