Thursday, December 20, 2012

Party time!

The boys had their Christmas parties at school today.  I left Mallory at home with a sitter - let's just say she wasn't too pleased about that... she was hiding in her tent when I left, but I guess that's better than clinging to my leg!

Brady's party was pretty much first thing this morning.  The room mom had the idea to make waffles, and frankly, I thought she was crazy! lol  But, the kids did enjoy it.

Brady with his best friend and teacher

Opening his book from the exchange

Drew working on his reindeer candy cane :)
The younger grades have parties where the kids rotate
from table to table, working on different activities.

One of the best stations - cookie decorating (and eating, of course!)

Making a snowman out of fingerprints

Drew's book exchange

Class pic - it's never easy to get them to all look in
the same direction, much less stop moving and smile!

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