Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our week

Nothing too out of the ordinary this past week, other than the kids having a break from school on Monday... which they always appreciate! Brady now stays after school for an hour on Tuesdays for history club.  I was a little surprised he agreed to it, but he's enjoying it so far.  He is still playing flag football and is about to start back up with baseball.  The draft was yesterday, and we are on a team with many familiar faces.  I also found out that practice is Fridays at 7:30 p.m. - definitely not my first choice, but at least it doesn't interfere with anything else we have going on.

We asked Drew about playing soccer, but he decided that if he couldn't play with his friend Matthew, that he wasn't interested.  As soon as baseball was over in the fall, he said he wasn't going to play again, so I didn't even ask when I signed Brady up.  He did mention playing again the other day, but wasn't distraught at all when Bryan told him the registration was already closed.  So, it looks like he'll just be a spectator this spring!  I can't complain about that... one less thing on my plate.

Yesterday afternoon, Drew and Mallory were asking Daddy for piggy back rides.  He was reluctant and finally said he would give them for $1 each.  They were actually going to agree to that even though he really meant it as a joke.  However, Brady happened to come through the door a second later, and I told them that I thought Brady would definitely be willing to give them rides... for a price.  Turns out his price was 5 rides for $1, so they were thrilled! lol

I finally got around to another layout yesterday... I think it's the first Christmas one I've done, even though I've had pictures placed in the template for probably 3 weeks.  It does have a white background, so if it looks a little funny, that's why.


Better Not Pout - Bella Gypsy
Little Green Frog Designs - Peanut Butter & Jelly template
Aplhabitties No. 4 - Traci Reed

Monday, January 21, 2013

Mallory has been asking to go back to Chuck E. Cheese.  I'm not sure we've been since Grandma and Grandpa took her for her birthday this summer.  So, when Karen said she was taking her girls today, I decide we would go, too.  I debated about it but eventually decided to ask if Drew or Brady wanted to come with us.  The answer from both was no.  I wasn't too surprised... I figured they would rather stay home and play with their friends.  I definitely don't think Drew has outgrown it yet, he just has his priorities. lol

Some old favorites...

The rest are rides/games she hadn't played before...

She said this was her favorite today, which surprised me.
Seemed pretty boring, lol.

She used her 40 tickets to buy 4 rolls of sweet tarts :)  We never walk away with many tickets, but as long as she gets a little something, she's happy!

Let the games begin...

I have had very little motivation to scrap since finishing my disney album... can't imagine why!  Anyway, this weekend a new kit came out that inspired me to work on a page from when Brady went to his first paintball party last weekend.

Let the games begin - Kristin Cronin-Barrow & Libby Pritchett
Duets vol. 4 template - litabells designs

Monday, January 14, 2013

A new year, a new adventure

It's been over eight years since I started jazzercise.  I loved it from the beginning, and my enthusiasm for it hasn't lessened over the years.  My instructors have been trying to talk me into getting certified to teach almost as long as they've known me.  I've never really considered it before, mainly because of the kids.  Now that they are getting older, I have a bit more time to work with, and I've decided to go for it!

What does that mean, you ask? A few things... I need to get CPR certified, I have to pass a health/fitness exam, and I have to attend a workshop the first weekend in March where I will audition (i.e. perform a few of the 10 routines I am required to learn).  I just got my materials this past week and am in the process of learning the routines.  Most of them are familiar to me, meaning we've done them in class before.  The big thing for me is to get comfortable on stage. So, I've started going on stage with the instructor for a few songs during class. I'm not teaching anything yet, just trying to get used to being up there :)

So far, the hardest part was cutting the check for the franchise fee. lol  There is no doubt in my mind that this will be a journey, though, with some bumps along the way.  If I thought it was going to be easy, I would have done it long ago!  All I know to do is put in the hard work and hope for the best.  I don't think I'm going to be great at it right away, but I hope to be great... eventually :p

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Go dolphins!

Brady is trying his hand at flag football while in between baseball seasons.  We had our first game before Christmas and are just getting back into it this week.  Today was the second game, and he was disappointed that his team lost, although they don't officially keep score.  I do think he played more than he did the first game, so that was positive :)

Drew & Mallory "watching" the game

Isn't sad that he is wearing shorts in January? lol

It's quite the busy day for Brady. Football game and pics this morning, a paintball party (his first time playing) at 2 p.m, then another birthday party at 5:30 p.m.  Think he'll be tired tonight??

Monday, January 7, 2013

Mallory's first camping trip

Between baseball and flag football, there are very few weekends we don't have anything set in stone.  So, Bryan decided to take the kids camping this past weekend while they were still on their Christmas break.  Mallory was really looking forward to her first time :)  Bryan bought her a sleeping bag, and she packed her own backpack full of stuff to take, including her new Dora adventure kit that she got for Christmas.  Of course, Bouncy also had to go along.  Unfortunately, the weather was not the best - not only cold, but it rained most of the day on Saturday.  Thankfully, Bryan had reserved a shelter, so they set up camp in there.

 Their first time geocaching (basically "treasure" hunting using a GPS)

You take out treasures and replace them with different ones
for the next person who finds it...