Monday, January 21, 2013

Mallory has been asking to go back to Chuck E. Cheese.  I'm not sure we've been since Grandma and Grandpa took her for her birthday this summer.  So, when Karen said she was taking her girls today, I decide we would go, too.  I debated about it but eventually decided to ask if Drew or Brady wanted to come with us.  The answer from both was no.  I wasn't too surprised... I figured they would rather stay home and play with their friends.  I definitely don't think Drew has outgrown it yet, he just has his priorities. lol

Some old favorites...

The rest are rides/games she hadn't played before...

She said this was her favorite today, which surprised me.
Seemed pretty boring, lol.

She used her 40 tickets to buy 4 rolls of sweet tarts :)  We never walk away with many tickets, but as long as she gets a little something, she's happy!

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