Monday, January 7, 2013

Mallory's first camping trip

Between baseball and flag football, there are very few weekends we don't have anything set in stone.  So, Bryan decided to take the kids camping this past weekend while they were still on their Christmas break.  Mallory was really looking forward to her first time :)  Bryan bought her a sleeping bag, and she packed her own backpack full of stuff to take, including her new Dora adventure kit that she got for Christmas.  Of course, Bouncy also had to go along.  Unfortunately, the weather was not the best - not only cold, but it rained most of the day on Saturday.  Thankfully, Bryan had reserved a shelter, so they set up camp in there.

 Their first time geocaching (basically "treasure" hunting using a GPS)

You take out treasures and replace them with different ones
for the next person who finds it...

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