Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our week

Nothing too out of the ordinary this past week, other than the kids having a break from school on Monday... which they always appreciate! Brady now stays after school for an hour on Tuesdays for history club.  I was a little surprised he agreed to it, but he's enjoying it so far.  He is still playing flag football and is about to start back up with baseball.  The draft was yesterday, and we are on a team with many familiar faces.  I also found out that practice is Fridays at 7:30 p.m. - definitely not my first choice, but at least it doesn't interfere with anything else we have going on.

We asked Drew about playing soccer, but he decided that if he couldn't play with his friend Matthew, that he wasn't interested.  As soon as baseball was over in the fall, he said he wasn't going to play again, so I didn't even ask when I signed Brady up.  He did mention playing again the other day, but wasn't distraught at all when Bryan told him the registration was already closed.  So, it looks like he'll just be a spectator this spring!  I can't complain about that... one less thing on my plate.

Yesterday afternoon, Drew and Mallory were asking Daddy for piggy back rides.  He was reluctant and finally said he would give them for $1 each.  They were actually going to agree to that even though he really meant it as a joke.  However, Brady happened to come through the door a second later, and I told them that I thought Brady would definitely be willing to give them rides... for a price.  Turns out his price was 5 rides for $1, so they were thrilled! lol

I finally got around to another layout yesterday... I think it's the first Christmas one I've done, even though I've had pictures placed in the template for probably 3 weeks.  It does have a white background, so if it looks a little funny, that's why.


Better Not Pout - Bella Gypsy
Little Green Frog Designs - Peanut Butter & Jelly template
Aplhabitties No. 4 - Traci Reed

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