Sunday, February 10, 2013

February Fun

The kids got out early on Friday, and it was a very nice day outside. So, I offered to take Mallory to the park.  Drew was playing at a friends' house and was happy to stay there. I was surprised that Brady wanted to come along, although he did bring a friend.  We actually ended up going to the park again yesterday since Bryan offered to practice some baseball with Brady.  Of course, Mallory wanted no part of being left behind...

Mallory brought her friends along :)

Made this for Project Life - notice Mallory trying to
push Brady on the swing... he didn't tolerate it for long. lol

We also spent some time yesterday working on Valentines.  Mallory has owl valentines - she wrote her name on the back of all of them and then we added a pixie stick to each one.

I made the boys' valentines this year.  They weren't thrilled with any at the store, so I came up with the idea of making minecraft valentines.  They are both obsessed with it at the moment and spend hours a day playing it on their ipods.  It was just sheer luck that the same week we decided this, two of the designers at my favorite store came out with a minecraft kit - what are the odds?  I looked around a bit online for some ideas, and these are what I came up with -


Brady also has to make a valentine box to take to school, so he is using the kit, too.  Without too much direction, he can sit down and use photoshop well enough to make something he will be happy with.

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