Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day, con't

Mallory's party was short and sweet.  They had mini ice cream sandwiches with toppings, then built some towers with conversation hearts.  They had passed out their valentines earlier in the day, to be taken home and opened.

I love real smiles :)

Hard at work

She was kind enough to take a few pics outside
before we headed home...

I think this is my fav!

These two aren't sharp pictures, but they're fun!

Here is Brady with his minecraft valentine box.  Drew made his box at school - in fact, I never got to see it because once he got home, he cleaned it out and threw it in the trash before I knew it.  Hard to argue with him putting the candy away without me asking!

Brady came home with valentines from all his classmates, plus an extra box of chocolates from his "girlfriend." I was glad he had thought to get her a little something, too! 

Earlier this week, Mallory and I made these heart-shaped rice krispie treats... easy, fun, and yummy! While her brothers weren't around to help, they were happy to eat the results.

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