Friday, March 8, 2013

It's March!

I've been meaning to post all week, but I'm obviously just now getting around to it.  I spent last weekend at Bryan's parents' house, attending my jazzercise workshop.  I passed the audition on Friday, then spent the next two days learning everything I need to know... I taught a few songs in class this week, mainly because I've never worn a mic before and need to get used to it.  Next week, I am scheduled to teach Friday and Saturday morning.  As an associate, I am required to teach at least 8 classes per month, but we haven't completely settled on what my schedule's going to be yet.

Monday was my birthday :) I took Brady to the orthodontist in the morning.  He was a bit anxious to find out whether he would need braces now or later.  Right now, the answer is later.  We will go back in December for another check-up and reassess then.

Instead of taking him back to school, we went to lunch, I shopped for a new pair of shoes, and we played a round of mini golf.  His classmates were spending the day taking a reading benchmark test, so his teacher and I decided there wasn't really a reason to take him back after the appointment.  It was nice to spend some time with him one on one, which doesn't happen very often anymore.  We were going to make a bet on who would win at golf but neither one of us could come with anything exciting.  In the end, I won... but only by two strokes!

For dinner, I decided on the Cheesecake factory.  Apparently, the mirrors in our booth were quite entertaining.

I don't remember Drew liking cheesecake when he tried it this summer, but today was a different story. The kids all shared a piece of the oreo extreme cheesecake.  After that, Drew was quick to tell us, "I love this place!!" He was talking about going back for his own birthday, lol.

This week was the kids' last week of school before Spring Break.  We don't have any big plans, but the kids are all excited about being off of school, and the boys are perfectly happy to run around the neighborhood with their friends.  Mallory is going to tea on Monday at the American Girl store, so I'm curious to know what all she will have to say about that!  She doesn't even know what American Girl dolls are.  She is debating on which of her animal friends to take instead :) 

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