Friday, March 29, 2013

Kemah boardwalk

We took the kids to Kemah today.  It seemed like a good time to go with Bryan and the kids off for the day and with the nice weather.  This time of year I'm always thinking about how quickly summer will be here and how I won't want to do anything outside for months!  I also knew the Easter Bunny was scheduled to be out this afternoon, and Mallory wanted to see him :)

Brady, Drew, and Andrew (Brady's BFF) are in #8

The winner of the day for Drew and Mallory - they got right
back into line after riding it the first time.

Mallory asked Daddy to be in the picture, but the two
I snapped of both of them didn't turn out as well as this one.

 I asked the boys to humor me... and it's a really cute pic!

Earlier this week...
helping Daddy in the garden

Trying to keep her hand out of the dirt, lol

Looking for a roly poly

School egg hunt

I had to offer my glasses since it was SO sunny... to her, anyway!

 Picnic with friends

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