Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Break

The kids have enjoyed their time off from school, no surprise there.  On Monday, Mallory went to tea at the American Girl store.  Kate invited her as part of her birthday celebration.  Since Mallory doesn't have an American Girl, she took her Build-a-Bear along.  She also purchased a new puppy named Honey.  I mentioned to Mallory that the puppy's name must be honey because she is honey colored.  Mallory said no, that it's because honey is her favorite food.  I suggested that it could be both reasons, but she wasn't even willing to concede to that, lol.

Tuesday evening, I took Brady and a friend to the movies.  Bryan took Drew and Mallory to Putt Putt.  

Her mad face (not sure why)

Fun with mirrors

Brain freeze!

Wednesday afternoon we met some friends at a local park.  Thursday afternoon, I got a sitter for Drew and Mallory.  Brady and I went to lunch, then to city hall for his interview with the Mayor.  Long story short... he is studying leaders in his GT class and is supposed to interview a local leader.  I was racking my brain trying to come up with someone good, and then last weekend I met the Mayor of League City because he is a jazzercise instructor :)  Brady was a little nervous, but he did well.

Drew was invited to have a sleepover with one of his friends in the neighborhood last night.  They were excited to sleep in their sleeping bags in a tent and have cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  

That brings us to today, although I've spent most of the day thinking it's Saturday, lol.  I guess that's most likely because Bryan has the day off.  This morning, I taught my first jazzercise class! It went well, and I think the biggest compliment I got was one of the newer customers letting me know after class that she had no idea it was my first class until Joyce (the owner of the classes) announced it.  I'm teaching again tomorrow morning, and we are sitting down in the next couple of weeks to figure out what the schedule will be like adding me to the mix :)

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