Saturday, April 13, 2013

Maroon & White game

Brady and I went to College Station today for the Maroon & White game.  Originally, the whole family was going to go, but Bryan ended up staying home with Drew and Mallory.  One of Drew's best buddies had a party this afternoon, and we didn't want him to miss out on it.  He even made sure that we knew he was one of the most important guests, so it was imperative that he attend, lol.

Some friends of ours were also going to the game, so we were fortunate to catch a ride up with them.

The only pic of me - too bad my hair is blowing in the breeze!

We got in early enough to have our choice of seats - we
were very close to where my dad's season tickets are, but
in the first row.

Johnny Manziel in action

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