Monday, April 22, 2013

No more training wheels!

Months ago, Brady took it upon himself to remove the training wheels off Drew's bike.  The two of them made it around the block once, and that was the extent of Brady's help, lol.  Bryan has offered here and there to practice with Drew, but he's rarely interested.  What he has been doing instead is riding his scooter quite a bit.  I've heard from friends that riding a scooter can really be helpful towards learning to ride a bike - both require a lot of balance.  I have to say, I agree! Drew made a ton of progress without ever getting on the bike - the last time he tried to ride, he was very frustrated and didn't feel ready.  Yesterday, he rode a few circles around with Bryan or I and he was already ready for us to let go!  Of course, he stills needs practice to get comfortable, but I was pretty amazed at the difference :)

I did it!

We thought it would be a good idea to take the training wheels off Mallory's bike, too, and make a little contest out of it.  Of course, to be fair, at the time we thought they were going to be about equal in terms of how long it would take them to learn...  Mallory has since conceded that the prize ($10) should go to Drew.  She was enthusiastic up until she actually got on the bike and realized it was something she was going to have to work at.  It might be time to encourage her to ride the scooter instead (I'm not sure how much of her whining Bryan can take, lol).

Silly boys!

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