Friday, May 24, 2013

Brady's field day

Field day in third grade is an all day affair.  Brady still had a sunburn on his back and shoulders from a couple hours at the pool this weekend, so I made sure to slather on the sunscreen before he left and reapplied it twice while I was there.  Thankfully, there was a breeze and also a canopy for the kids to rest under.

The first events were running - he ran the 50, 75, and 100 yard dash.  He was happy to win his heats of two of the three races (he went against one other kid from each class, so 6 in each heat).

Later in the day, he participated in dribble mania, jump rope, softball toss, and the mile relay.  I'll let you guess which event was his favorite...

I'm not sure that anyone threw the ball farther than him - he was definitely happy with his performance, lol.  However, his class came in fifth in the mile relay, and he was disappointed to know that overall his class would not win field day.  He's nothing if not competitive!

In case you missed it on facebook - here is a pic of Bryan and Brady after the championship game last weekend.  Brady's team won the city championship for his division!  Unfortunately, Brady came down with a virus the day before the game and wasn't able to play.  He was, at least, able to go to the game and get this trophies afterwards.  

She only wants to take a picture when
it has nothing to do with her, of course!
She's pretending to bat, if you are wondering.

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