Sunday, May 12, 2013


Bryan's birthday was this past Wednesday. Unfortunately, he worked all day so all we had time to do was open gifts and go out to eat.  No baseball practice or a game, though, so that was a bonus.

From Mallory

Ever so helpful, lol

A rare treat for the dogs - licking the ice cream bowl

My day today :)  Bryan took my car and washed it yesterday, then added my Aggie decals to the back - they've been sitting around the house for quite a while.  I started off the morning with "breakfast in bed".  Mallory put together a bag for breakfast in bed at school - it had a small apple, cereal bar, packet of tea, and a napkin.  She brought it home several days ago and couldn't wait for me to eat it today :)  She came in three separate times this morning to see if I was ready to eat, then finally left it on my nightstand for when I woke up.

My real breakfast was from the local doughnut place, with the addition of a mimosa.  After that, I opened my gifts.  Seeing what the kids have made me is always a lot of fun!  No pictures of me opening them because I'm still in my pj's.  

Card from Drew

This is part of a recipe book the first graders at Drew's school
brought home for their moms.

Brady wrote this poem at school - he was proud
to say that he didn't need any help with it :)

Mallory's gift

Brady and Mallory were in the same preschool class, just
four years apart.  Apparently, I've gotten 2 years younger in that time!
I also love that I've gone from taking care of Mallory all day to doing 
jazzercise all day.

No big plans today, just relaxing around the house which probably means scrapbooking.  We're going to try to head out for an early dinner, and I'm sure I'll fit in some pictures somewhere!

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