Sunday, May 19, 2013

Preschool graduation

Mallory has four days left of school! She is very excited about all the activities they have planned this week, esp. tomorrow's which is playing in the mud.  I'm wondering how muddy she will actually get - it's not as if any of my children actually enjoy getting dirty, lol.  But, she seems to think she's going to have a grand time!  I look forward to hearing about it :)

Friday was her preschool graduation.  They've been working for quite a while on their songs, so I was happy to see her participate.  It's not unusual for her to clam up when I'm around...
She's kind of wedged in (esp. for the first song) between two kids, but she's to the right of the boy with the red shirt.

They did a great job decorating the stage -

She looked very unsure about walking across the stage,
but felt better after she heard (and saw) me cheering for her.

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