Friday, June 21, 2013

A little neglected...

my blog, that is! Let me catch you up a bit...

We've gone to the pool a handful of times so far, and it got me thinking it was going to be a long summer! lol  Neither Drew nor Mallory wanted to wear their float (that they wore ALL last summer), yet they can't swim :(  The good and bad thing is that Drew's friends can swim.  How about a little peer pressure to get him motivated? He's gotten his kickboard out a few times and practiced swimming with it and has agreed to do swimming lessons next month.

I bought Mallory a new ring and a life jacket, hoping she would agree to wear one or the other. Nope!  I carried the life jacket to the pool a few times and she refused every time.  The ring she wore briefly but was still afraid she would fall out of it.  My saving grace was some friends of ours she saw at the pool - next time we went shopping, she agreed to try one of the floats they were wearing.  Having worn it a couple times, she's lost the fear of sinking with it on and is happily swimming around without holding on to me or Bryan - woo hoo! She won't agree to swimming lessons yet, but I'm happy with the progress we've made - you can't win every battle with a four year old.

Brady is also going to take lessons. He swims well enough to feel comfortable in the pool but can definitely use more instruction.

He always wears his mask like this... you'd think his
ear would be killing him!

Not the sharpest of pics, but fun!

We had a relaxing Father's Day at home.  Bryan opted not to go out to eat, I'm sure mostly because we waited so long on Mother's Day even at an early hour.  We made brownies and opened presents at home, then I picked up bbq to eat at the house.

Drew's birthday party is next weekend! He invited five of his friends from school and is having a sleepover at the house.  I'm been working on getting out the invitations and trying to make a few things for the party but my printer has been less than cooperative... I spent a few hours researching online and bought one yesterday.  It's still in the box - fingers crossed that I'm happy with it!

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