Sunday, June 9, 2013


My parents came for the day to take the kids to Schlitterbahn.  We got there right as it opened and made it four hours before the rain hit.  We stayed under shelter and had ice cream (hoping to wait the rain out), then decided to cut our losses and head home.  I think Grandma and Grandpa had a good time but weren't overly upset about leaving a little earlier than planned...

a little too sunny for Mallory...

Cooling off!

Waiting for the waves... that never came.  The kids
were definitely looking forward to playing in the
wave pool, so that was disappointing.

Mallory LOVED floating down the river today,
whether it was riding waves or rapids.  She came very
close to falling off the float in one section of the
rapids, and I was very surprised she was still
enthusiastic after that!

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