Monday, June 3, 2013

Skeeters game

We went to the Sugarland Skeeters game on Saturday.  Unfortunately, it wasn't the best game considering we didn't score any runs, but the kids still had fun. Let's be honest - Brady was the only kid interested in actually watching the game anyway.  Drew and Mallory enjoyed the playground they have there, but I think their favorite part of the night was the fireworks after the game.  I wasn't expecting that considering their reactions last fourth of july, so that was a pleasant surprise :)

Mallory was very excited to meet one of the mascots...

I brought the headphones for fireworks, but she decided it
was too loud almost as soon as we got there... not worth the 
argument, so she wore them most of the night, lol.

Brady stayed in his seat with Daddy while I took
Drew and Mallory to the playground area.

Spin until you are dizzy... what fun!

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