Friday, July 5, 2013

Drew is 7!

Drew decided last month that he wanted to go to Schlitterbahn for his birthday.  However, as the day got closer, he started talking about going to Palm Beach instead.  I tried to steer him away from that and promised we would go to Palm Beach later this month but on a night that it was open late.  I think his main hesitation is that he didn't enjoy the lazy river when we went last time and didn't want to have to do it again.  I assured him he wouldn't.  We tried a new ride right away - both Mallory and Drew were very leery but we didn't give them the chance to say no.  It turned out to be their favorite ride of the day and we rode it several times!

Bryan and Brady had fun trying out some other new rides, and they all enjoyed the wave pool which wasn't turned on when we went last month.  All in all, it was a great day - the weather was really nice and we were even a bit chilly at times with the wind blowing.

Drew got to call the shots - what rides we were going to do and when it was time to go.  We left around 3... he just couldn't wait any longer to come home and open his presents!  He was very happy to get an ipod touch to replace the one we had to throw away a few weeks ago (long story short, it got wet and couldn't be revived).  He also got a couple lego sets and an itunes gift card.  After cupcakes and some time to play with his new stuff, he chose to go to Chuy's for dinner.  He could care less about the food, but he loves the sopapillas!

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