Sunday, July 14, 2013

The circus is in town!

Mallory bought a new friend - Spots :)

The boys' favorite act - there are 8 motorcycles in there!

Dragons was the theme this year...

Got lucky and had my camera ready when the fireworks went off!

I know I've said this before, but the circus is quite expensive - not the tickets themselves, but everything else.  This year I decided to give each kid $20 to spend - if they wanted to spend more than that, it had to come from their own pocket.  Basically what that meant was that they all decided to pass on a toy and get more in the way of food (exactly what I was hoping!). Mallory was the only one to want something bad enough to spend the money on it (in the end, it actually didn't come out of her pocket but no one needs to know that, lol).  The amount I set was just enough to get a drink, a food item, plus a sno cone so it worked out well. Drew's friend had some money of his own, so he also got cotton candy and shared it with the boys.  

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