Saturday, August 31, 2013

First week of school

Well, we made it through the first week! Drew and Mallory were definitely exhausted by Friday - Brady was tired, too, but I think he fared a bit better.  Here is the project life page I did from the first day...

Click on it to read the journaling about their actual first day.  I think it's fair to say that everyone had a good week back, with one exception.  Mallory came home two different days and had to go potty so bad that she couldn't make it to the bathroom. After a conversation with her, I came to realize that she hadn't gone to the potty all week at school! (this was Thursday already). She was afraid that the toilets were self-flushing and didn't want to use them (or that's what her excuse was at that moment, anyway). I emailed her teacher who took her into the bathroom the next morning and showed her that they were, in fact, old school toilets where you have to flush them yourself.  Crisis averted!

I also did this layout before school started to show off Cindy's new journaling cards that released last weekend -

Thursday, August 22, 2013

First dentist visit

Mallory went to the dentist for the first time this week.  She wasn't exactly keen on going and kept asking why she needed to go, lol.  At one point she said... "Can't I at least wait until I'm 7 to go??" Can't say I blame her, it's not like I wanted to go either!  My appointment was first and right off the bat she was leery about getting x-rays done after seeing the hygienist do mine.  As I expected, she sat down in her chair for a few minutes, but after that she wouldn't sit still.  She was taking pics of everything in the room with her ipod - my x-rays, the equipment, etc.  On top of that, she was trying to show me the pictures while I was getting my teeth cleaned. She was asking me questions that I obviously couldn't answer... but, the hygienist was very patient with her and tried to talk with her when she could.  I guess I was hoping she would be shy since it was a new experience (which is pretty usual for her), but it was the opposite today - she couldn't stop talking!

Trying to get an actual shot of her smiling...

this reflects her true feelings, some anxiety and some irritation!

 She liked the demonstration of the different tools :)

 Getting down to business

She was totally fine while getting her x-rays done and her
teeth cleaned, it was the waiting time that was the killer.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy birthday Mallory!

My little girl is five today.  On one hand, it's hard to believe... on the other, not so much. lol  She got her big present before we left for our trip - a new ipod, just like her brothers.  To say she was happy about that would be an understatement.  I've also enjoyed having my phone to myself :)

As soon as I got up this morning, she asked to
open her presents - no surprise there!

A new Beanie Boo (a particular brand of stuffed animal) 
that Brady picked out. She LOVES these things and also got a new
one from her cousins - you will see it when I get around to 
posting pics from our trip.

She really wanted to go to Schlitterbahn but I talked her
out of it. I knew we'd be way too exhausted after just getting 
home last night. Instead, she decided on ITZ Family Fun.
She can't get enough of these roller coaster type rides :)

She and Daddy came in first place!

Just a bit competitive... can't imagine where she gets that!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Road trip, part 2

Day 5 - Julie and I went to jazzercise this morning, then we all went out to lunch on our way to the City Museum. Definitely warmer today! Bryan worked up a sweat going around with Mallory on the roof of the museum :) As expected, the kids loved it and wore themselves out after a few hours of exploring.
Day 6 - drove to Wisconsin to visit Marc and family
Day 7 - Wisconsin State Fair
Day 8 - headed to Mauthe lake for a day of fishing, swimming, and playing on the beach
Day 9 - Sheree's birthday :)  the girls went out for pedicures, although Mallory refused to have her nails or toenails done. I thought she might change her mind while we were there, but no such luck! She did behave, though, so I can't complain... We went to a deli for lunch, took the kids to a local playground, then went out for pizza and ice cream that evening.
Day 10 - a day around the house, although the boys did go out for a while to do a little more fishing.

The kids got along well the whole trip. Dawson and Drew couldn't keep their hands off each other, but not in a bad way, lol. Reagan and Mallory got on each other's nerves at times but they both have strong personalities so that's not surprising. They had fun together, too. Brady was kind of the odd man out being the oldest but he really enjoyed fishing and playing baseball and was nice enough to read stories and play games with Reagan a few times.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Road trip

Day 1 - drove to Edmond, OK
Day 2 - visit with our friends Greg and Leslie. We took the kids to a trampoline park in the morning, then went to lunch. That evening, the men and boys went to an Oklahoma City Redhawks game. The Redhawks won by a landslide, and they even got to see a grand slam. Us girls stayed home and went swimming.
Day 3 - drove to St. Louis to visit Julie and family
Day 4 - Six Flags! Cost us an arm and a leg, but the kids had fun :) It was drizzling when we got there, but it cleared up after that and we enjoyed the cooler weather - low 70's. What a pleasant change from our usual summer...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The rest of Project Life...

I made it through June but not July as I was hoping... too many other things going on, and now I will be away from my computer for two weeks! Of course, I will still have my phone and ipad but no computer = no photoshop = no scrapping.  Good news is when I get back I will have a *few* new pics to scrap :)