Thursday, August 22, 2013

First dentist visit

Mallory went to the dentist for the first time this week.  She wasn't exactly keen on going and kept asking why she needed to go, lol.  At one point she said... "Can't I at least wait until I'm 7 to go??" Can't say I blame her, it's not like I wanted to go either!  My appointment was first and right off the bat she was leery about getting x-rays done after seeing the hygienist do mine.  As I expected, she sat down in her chair for a few minutes, but after that she wouldn't sit still.  She was taking pics of everything in the room with her ipod - my x-rays, the equipment, etc.  On top of that, she was trying to show me the pictures while I was getting my teeth cleaned. She was asking me questions that I obviously couldn't answer... but, the hygienist was very patient with her and tried to talk with her when she could.  I guess I was hoping she would be shy since it was a new experience (which is pretty usual for her), but it was the opposite today - she couldn't stop talking!

Trying to get an actual shot of her smiling...

this reflects her true feelings, some anxiety and some irritation!

 She liked the demonstration of the different tools :)

 Getting down to business

She was totally fine while getting her x-rays done and her
teeth cleaned, it was the waiting time that was the killer.

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