Monday, August 12, 2013

Road trip, part 2

Day 5 - Julie and I went to jazzercise this morning, then we all went out to lunch on our way to the City Museum. Definitely warmer today! Bryan worked up a sweat going around with Mallory on the roof of the museum :) As expected, the kids loved it and wore themselves out after a few hours of exploring.
Day 6 - drove to Wisconsin to visit Marc and family
Day 7 - Wisconsin State Fair
Day 8 - headed to Mauthe lake for a day of fishing, swimming, and playing on the beach
Day 9 - Sheree's birthday :)  the girls went out for pedicures, although Mallory refused to have her nails or toenails done. I thought she might change her mind while we were there, but no such luck! She did behave, though, so I can't complain... We went to a deli for lunch, took the kids to a local playground, then went out for pizza and ice cream that evening.
Day 10 - a day around the house, although the boys did go out for a while to do a little more fishing.

The kids got along well the whole trip. Dawson and Drew couldn't keep their hands off each other, but not in a bad way, lol. Reagan and Mallory got on each other's nerves at times but they both have strong personalities so that's not surprising. They had fun together, too. Brady was kind of the odd man out being the oldest but he really enjoyed fishing and playing baseball and was nice enough to read stories and play games with Reagan a few times.

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