Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New York City

Our first day in NYC, we visited the Statue of Liberty, 9/11 memorial, and made a pass by the fire station where they filmed Ghostbusters. As you can probably guess, that last one wasn't my idea! lol Ellis Island is still closed, and tickets up the crown of the statue weren't available, so what we were able to do was go up to the pedestal and walk around the island.  It was fairly overcast as you can see in the pics.

By afternoon, the sun was definitely out...
9/11 memorial

See the rainbow?

I like the perspective here - both of the pools are huge.

We walked to Times Square after dinner that evening.

The ball that drops on New Year's Eve is way up there! 
Look above the 2013.

Our second day started out at Grand Central Terminal. We had a quick breakfast there, then headed to the Brooklyn Bridge. We walked across, then took the subway back over to Central Park.

Looking back at the city and the Manhattan Bridge

I only took a couple of pics of Central Park - it was
either that or take a billion so I opted for less!

We did a lot of walking and were pretty exhausted by mid afternoon both of these days! After heading back to the hotel and watching a bit of the Aggie game on Saturday, we decided to head back out for dinner and to see the views at Top of the Rock.  We bought tickets that allowed us to see it both during the day and a night.

Central park
(no night pic because it's just a black blob, lol)

Empire State Building in the middle (day and night)

Another view of the skyline... day and night

Rockefeller Plaza

The plaza in legos

Our third day was a little less hectic. We met Jay (a childhood friend of Bryan's) and his daughter at Brooklyn Brewery - the men sampled a few beers and we did the tour.  Later that afternoon, we headed back out for an early dinner, then went to see Book of Mormon.  Definitely not a child-friendly show, but we enjoyed it!


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