Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Brady!

Brady is officially ten today, although he's pretty much been celebrating the whole weekend.  He had two friends spend the night last night. They chose to go to CiCi's for dinner (Bryan was thrilled, lol) and then to Main Event where they bowled and played video games.  The three of them stayed up until 2 a.m., at which point I told them to go to bed!  This morning, Brady discovered they had attempted to draw a mustache, goatee, and monocle on his face while he was sleeping.  Apparently, a pen was the only thing they could find to draw with, so they weren't able to do a great job :p I was just glad they didn't go for a sharpie!

Today was out to lunch with Grandma & Grandpa Dinkel, then home to open presents.  Both boys have baseball games this afternoon, but Brady managed to find a few minutes to squeeze in some time on the wii - he was happy to get Mario Super Sluggers from Uncle Scott and family.

Brady and his friends got movie tickets to see the
Hunger Games when it comes out next month.

Mallory is frothing at the mouth for Brady to
share one of these with her, lol!

Devouring some cookie cake...

Showing off his new jersey

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