Sunday, June 30, 2013

Time to part-ay!!

Drew was definitely counting down the days to his party this weekend.  He invited five friends for a sleepover, although one ended up not making it.  Let me just say this - I knew it would be crazy, but I was not prepared for that level of craziness! lol

We started off with cake and ice cream. I thought it wise to get the sugar in them early and give them time to run it off.  The next activity was building lego cars. Everyone had a bag of legos in their treat "bag," with instructions to build a specific car.  Thankfully Brady and a couple other older boys were available to help when needed.  Once the cars were done, we had a series of races.  The funny thing is that Drew's car ended up being the best, with only a few exceptions... couldn't have planned that better if I'd tried!  BTW - in case you are wondering, Drew decided we need to paint the track, and he and Mallory did most of the handiwork :)

Next, to the backyard for some water fun! The slip n slide left a lot to be desired, but the boys still had fun.  They also did water balloons and made use of our water gun collection.  The balloons were literally gone in the blink of an eye - I took a few pics but none were great.  

We came back inside for dinner, Drew opened his presents, we played a little lego bingo, and then we set the boys up with their sleeping bags in the playroom around 10 p.m.  Around 9:30 p.m. we were at the table playing bingo and Drew asked his friends, "How come none of you are tired??" lol

I put on a lego movie for them to watch once they were in the playroom.  Drew was the first to fall asleep around 11 p.m. and that was only after I stood watch for 5-10 minutes so he could have a couple minutes of peace and quiet.  Most of the boys were asleep by midnight, and they were up again this morning at 6:30 a.m.  They mainly did their own thing this morning, although we did go outside to do a lego relay and toss.  By that time, it was almost time to go home, and they were happy to pull out their cars and race again until their parents came at 10 a.m.  

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A busy week

We're busy this week! Brady is going to robotics camp with his friend Andrew, while Drew and Mallory are attending Vacation Bible School.  It has been nice to have a few hours to myself in the afternoon while everyone is otherwise occupied :)

Drew's party is four days away, and somehow I ended up working on the invitation for Mallory's party today... which is obviously not for a while, lol.  I'm very happy with how it turned out!

It seemed wise to not announce to the whole world the details of 
the party, hence the space at the bottom

I also got a couple pages done - one from taking Grandma to a tearoom for Mother's Day and one with pics of the boys at their end-of-the-year parties.

Friday, June 21, 2013

A little neglected...

my blog, that is! Let me catch you up a bit...

We've gone to the pool a handful of times so far, and it got me thinking it was going to be a long summer! lol  Neither Drew nor Mallory wanted to wear their float (that they wore ALL last summer), yet they can't swim :(  The good and bad thing is that Drew's friends can swim.  How about a little peer pressure to get him motivated? He's gotten his kickboard out a few times and practiced swimming with it and has agreed to do swimming lessons next month.

I bought Mallory a new ring and a life jacket, hoping she would agree to wear one or the other. Nope!  I carried the life jacket to the pool a few times and she refused every time.  The ring she wore briefly but was still afraid she would fall out of it.  My saving grace was some friends of ours she saw at the pool - next time we went shopping, she agreed to try one of the floats they were wearing.  Having worn it a couple times, she's lost the fear of sinking with it on and is happily swimming around without holding on to me or Bryan - woo hoo! She won't agree to swimming lessons yet, but I'm happy with the progress we've made - you can't win every battle with a four year old.

Brady is also going to take lessons. He swims well enough to feel comfortable in the pool but can definitely use more instruction.

He always wears his mask like this... you'd think his
ear would be killing him!

Not the sharpest of pics, but fun!

We had a relaxing Father's Day at home.  Bryan opted not to go out to eat, I'm sure mostly because we waited so long on Mother's Day even at an early hour.  We made brownies and opened presents at home, then I picked up bbq to eat at the house.

Drew's birthday party is next weekend! He invited five of his friends from school and is having a sleepover at the house.  I'm been working on getting out the invitations and trying to make a few things for the party but my printer has been less than cooperative... I spent a few hours researching online and bought one yesterday.  It's still in the box - fingers crossed that I'm happy with it!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's summer!

Summertime for me means more time spent at home - if I'm going to head out of the house with all three kids, it better be for something worthwhile!  Brady is at camp this week, so it's just Drew and Mallory home with me.  We did a lot of nothing yesterday, so I took the opportunity to work on some pages...

Maroon & White game

Project Life for April

Sunday, June 9, 2013


My parents came for the day to take the kids to Schlitterbahn.  We got there right as it opened and made it four hours before the rain hit.  We stayed under shelter and had ice cream (hoping to wait the rain out), then decided to cut our losses and head home.  I think Grandma and Grandpa had a good time but weren't overly upset about leaving a little earlier than planned...

a little too sunny for Mallory...

Cooling off!

Waiting for the waves... that never came.  The kids
were definitely looking forward to playing in the
wave pool, so that was disappointing.

Mallory LOVED floating down the river today,
whether it was riding waves or rapids.  She came very
close to falling off the float in one section of the
rapids, and I was very surprised she was still
enthusiastic after that!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Mr. Z's book

This book is a gift for Brady's teacher... I'm posting it here for any parents/kids that would like to see the finished product!

If you click on each layout, you should be able to see them large enough to read what the kids said.

title page

pg. 2-3

pg. 4-5
 pg. 6-7
 pg. 8-9
 pg. 10-11
 pg. 12-13
 pg. 14-15
 pg. 16-17
 pg. 18-19
 pg. 20-21
 last page