Monday, January 6, 2014

New year, new post

I've been kicking the idea of letting the blog go... but I've decided to at least keep it up and running for the next several months while our house is being built.  That way, I don't overwhelm my facebook friends with pictures! lol  Today they are breaking ground, and it is also day one of our current house being on the market.  The realtor told me there's been some pick-up in the market recently, so don't be surprised if it goes quick.  Of course, that would be good and bad news since I have no idea where we would live until our new house is finished!  But, I'm not a worrier and I won't start now :p

We spent the week after Christmas in Alabama with Bryan's brother and family.  The kids always have so much fun running around together.  We went to the park, to Chuck E. Cheese, out to eat a few times, to the movies, bowling, and the older kids went with Uncle Scott to practice shooting.  They also had a few hours to hunt, but saw absolutely no wildlife while they were out!

There were a lot of late nights for the kiddos, and I think Brady spent as many nights on the couch as he did in a bedroom.  That's what happens when you try to stay up late watching football.

Luke was SO excited when he realized Drew had the
same 3ds as him, even the same color and case.

 Warming their feet by the "fire"

Target practice

 Enjoying Aunt Holly's new bathtub

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