Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day

Big surprise Friday! I went by the lot and discovered they were framing our house :) I was really driving by to see the progress they had made on other houses on our street, I still expected it to be a couple weeks before the framing started.

The garage - it has a barn style top with storage above. 
There will also be a car port on the front.

Walking in the front door...

From our back yard - bottom floor is kitchen/breakfast area on the left,
living room in the middle, master bedroom on the right. The top floor 
is Brady's room on the left and game room in the middle/right.

Side view of the garage from the back yard

We didn't do much today in honor of Valentine's Day.  The kids all had parties at school yesterday...

Mallory got a Valentine monkey from Bryan and I - of course, she was thrilled! lol

Bryan did get me some flowers and chocolate :) He and Brady went to baseball practice on Valentine's night, but we wouldn't have gone out regardless - no desire to fight the crowds! I did get a sitter for Saturday afternoon, and we went to the movie and dinner then.

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