Friday, March 21, 2014

a few pics from Mallory's field trip to the rodeo -
we watched a baby chick hatch from it's shell!

Still have stuff from 2013 to finish! Here's a Christmas layout -


credits here

Monday, March 17, 2014

If I were one hundred years old...

by Drew Dinkel

In 2114, I will be 107 years old.  I will keep my toys at my house for memories.  I will not want a pet because I will not be active.  I will want someone to take care of me.  I would want to still have friends.  I would want my mom and dad to still be alive.

I told him he better hope for some miracles in science to occur if he wants Bryan and I to still be alive when he's 107! lol

Back on the market again!

Our latest offer fell through... this time we made it all the way through the inspection and even extended the option period two days before the buyers decided to terminate.  At this point, my realtor is suggesting we put a new roof on the house, but we're not ready to commit to that - not at this point, anyway.  A roofer that came last week said we have 3-5 years of life left in this one, and I have another roofing company coming tomorrow to give me an estimate on replacing the roof (as well as get his opinion on the life of our current one).  Two pieces of good news in my mind - longer time in our current house and we have a copy of the 41 page inspection report in our hand.  Everything on it was fairly minor, so that was good to see.  Bad news is that the lack of a windstorm certificate is clearly still an issue and the longer we're on the market, the less we're likely to get for the house :(

No picture yet, but the bricks are up on the new house.  The inside has been taped and floated, so it's starting to really take shape!

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Our new house is coming along well! Roof is on, and they have started putting up some of the drywall. I expect the brick to go up soon, hopefully this week.  When I asked, I was told we should expect to move in sometime between the end of May and mid June.  I'm still crossing my fingers that it will be done before school is out... but certainly not depending on it!

Our current house is under contract... again.  The first three offers fell through, then we had three at the same time and signed #5.  So far, so good.  The inspection is Monday morning - I feel like that's the last major obstacle.  Assuming this contract is the one, we'll need to be out of the house by April 3.  It looks like we'll be moving into a 2 bedroom apartment in the area and putting the majority of our stuff in storage.  I've got the apartment narrowed down to a few choices, I'm planning to put a deposit down later this week once we haggle over the inspection and the option period is over.


I've been shopping for the house :) I've bought a dresser
and nightstand for Brady's new room, a kitchen table and
chairs, barstools, and a new couch for the living room.

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