Monday, March 17, 2014

Back on the market again!

Our latest offer fell through... this time we made it all the way through the inspection and even extended the option period two days before the buyers decided to terminate.  At this point, my realtor is suggesting we put a new roof on the house, but we're not ready to commit to that - not at this point, anyway.  A roofer that came last week said we have 3-5 years of life left in this one, and I have another roofing company coming tomorrow to give me an estimate on replacing the roof (as well as get his opinion on the life of our current one).  Two pieces of good news in my mind - longer time in our current house and we have a copy of the 41 page inspection report in our hand.  Everything on it was fairly minor, so that was good to see.  Bad news is that the lack of a windstorm certificate is clearly still an issue and the longer we're on the market, the less we're likely to get for the house :(

No picture yet, but the bricks are up on the new house.  The inside has been taped and floated, so it's starting to really take shape!

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